Funny Maid of Honor Speech Example

Funny Maid of Honor Speech Example


One of the key elements of a maid of honor speech is humor. That doesn’t mean it has to be a stand up comedy routine, but a short speech with several jokes, funny stories or anecdotes about the bride is a good way to get the guests smiling.

Of course it is important to appreciate the bride and her family, and realize that not every wedding is going to be suitable for stories of wild drunken escapades – a funny speech needn’t be embarrassing or rude. It’s also probably not a good idea to talk about the bride’s former boyfriends.

You will have to assess your own situation to judge the ideal tone of your speech.

With that in mind below is an example of funny maid of honor speech that you can draw inspiration from. It uses the comic technique of the hook, which can be applied to all good stories and speeches. The idea is that you mention something noteworthy at the beginning and refer to it several times throughout in order to create a long running joke.


The Speech

Hello everybody I’m Harmony the maid of honor and I’d like to say a few words.  But first off I’d like to thank the wonderful couple … Rum & Coke for making this speech possible.

Michelle and I first starting drinking Rum & Coke when … just joking, I first met Michelle in Junior school when we were still drinking juice boxes. And like a true fairytale it was Wade the groom who shared his juice box with Michelle on one hot summer day, and they were sweethearts ever since.

Ok, it didn’t quite go down like that. What really happened was Michelle snuck up behind Wade and squeezed the juice all over him until he cried to the teacher and they hated each other until at least high school.

It was one of the year end discos when we were about 15 that Michelle and Wade became reacquainted.  If I remember correctly there was some finger pointing, giggling and the phrase “I squirting juice on you when you were little, and you cried”. Half an hour later they were making out under the basket ball hoop. So I guess fate has a funny way of working itself out.

They dated on and off for several years before things got serious, but I knew straight away that they were a perfect match. Whether its their pessimistic and cynical humour, or love of all things geek -I’ve seen those superman pyjamas Wade – I know they will have a long and happy marriage.

But there’s just one thing I’m dying to know. Wade, did you ever get your own back? Because I have a juice box here and I couldn’t imagine a better opportunity!

I’m kidding, but who wants juice?

Please everybody raise your rum and juice boxes in a toast to the happy couple. To Michelle and Wade!

Maid of Honor Duties

Maid of Honor Duties   The maid of honor has one of the most important roles at a wedding.  She is the bride’s right hand woman, her confidant, the chief bridesmaid who takes care of business and ensures that everything goes off without a hitch. Like the groom’s best man, the maid of honor is usually chosen because she is the best friend of the bride or a close family member. She is somebody that is loved and trusted and wouldn’t miss the opportunity for the world. Traditionally the title of maid of honor is bestowed on the chief bridesmaid if she herself is unmarried. If she is married the title of matron of honor is used, however these customs are sometimes interchangeable. Either way the person chosen has some very important duties. - Organize the Bridal Shower: This is a pre-wedding gift giving occasion involving the female friends of the bride. The maid of honor is usually tasked to organize this event, or at least aid the bride in the process. A convenient date will have to be selected, as will a location – if not in the bride or maid of honor’s own home.  - Organize the Bachelorette / Hen Party, or Luncheon: Depending on the personality of the bride, she may wish to have a wild party or night on the town, or a modest luncheon with her friends. Whatever she chooses this is considered a celebration of the last days of maidenhood, and the maid of honor should be involved in the planning and organizing. - Help Choose the Dresses: While the decision will ultimately be the bride’s, the maid of honor should accompany her when hunting for the wedding dress. As chief of the bridesmaids she is also expected to do the same for the bridesmaid dresses. - Lead The Bridesmaids:

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It is the maid of honor’s duty to ensure all the bridesmaids have their dresses and they fit comfortably. She is also tasked with getting them to the rehearsal and preparing them for the big day. On the morning of the wedding she must check that everybody has their hair and makeup done, is dressed, and ready to go.   – Aid the bride with her veil during the wedding and at the after party. There is nothing more embarrassing than tripping. – During the wedding vows hold the bride’s bouquet, and make sure everybody is in the correct position. – Join the best man as a witness and sign the marriage license. – Help with hosting duties throughout the day, such as guiding guests to seats, and telling them where to put wedding gifts etc. – Be the bride’s stress reliever by ensuring she’s hydrated and has everything she needs throughout the day. Keep her laughing, help in conversation, and keep track of wedding gifts and belongings. – Give a maid of honor speech and toast the happy couple. Let them know how proud you are, and share some personal stories and funny anecdotes. – Dance with the best man or encourage other guests to get up an boogie. – Help with the cleanup and make sure the bride is fully set for the honeymoon.

Maid of Honor Speech Tips

Speeches are nerve racking as it is, but when you have to deliver one for your best friend or sister as the maid of honor for their wedding, you want it to go perfectly.

Though traditionally fathers and the groom’s best man have been the speech givers, maid of honor speeches are becoming just as common at the post-wedding reception, and it’s considered a great privilege to be called on to do the deed.

There are no strict rules for maid of honor speeches, but they usually begin with a toast and then a few minutes of light hearted anecdotes and well wishing. Simply put, your job is to make your friend or sister smile and show how proud you are of them taking that next step in life.

Tips for creating the perfect Maid of Honor Speech

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  • Introduction - Though your speech may be announced by a DJ or the father of the bride, it is important to introduce yourself for those that don’t know you. Your opening should explain who you are why you’re important to the bride (e.g. you’ve known them since your first day at school, or that as sisters you’ve been inseparable since birth).


  • Share a Personal Story - A positive or humorous (not humiliating) anecdote is a great way to stir emotions and get everybody beaming. Perhaps the bride was one of those people that used plan their future wedding as a child, or maybe they once did something heroic that you admired. Something funny and something flattering is always a combination for success.


  • The Love Story - Being a close friend or relative you should have plenty  of anecdotes that you could share about when the bride first met the groom and how their love blossomed. What was she like after the first date? How did she know that he was the one?


  • Include the Groom - You may not know the groom as well as the bride but it is still important to include them in the speech. Share a few sentences about why he’s perfect for the bride, how they like the same hobbies, or how he’s always a gentleman and treats her like a princess. Leave any jokes about the groom to the best man’s speech.


  • Be Funny - Being funny doesn’t mean you have to perform a cheesy stand-up comedy routine. One or two personal (but not insulting) jokes will go a long way. Only you know how your friend will react, but to avoid upsetting anyone (even if it’s not her) stay classy and don’t bring up any embarrassing stories from the past, such as dating mistakes or drunken escapades. Save them for more personal socializing with friends if you have to share them.


  • Be Genuine - Don’t include a funny story just because you think you have to, and don’t copy other speeches found online word for word. The bride wants you and your real feelings and personality up there. That’s why you were chosen.


  • Plan Early - Remember this isn’t school homework that can be done at the last minute. If you want to make an impact you should plan your speech well in advance. Use your phone’s notepad feature to jot down any ideas or inspiration that comes up throughout the day, and make an ongoing list of possible stories, anecdotes, jokes and other things you could include.


  • Ask Yourself Questions - If you’re finding it hard to come up with ideas, ask yourself questions, such as how did I meet my friend? What do I admire about her? How has she made me a better person? What positive changes occurred after she met the groom? You’ll soon begin overflowing with ideas to include in your speech.


  • Research - The bride knows this will be nerve racking, so there’s no problem with discussing the speech with her, gathering any info about the groom, and any limitations or personal dos and don’ts she might have. Just don’t reveal the content itself once you start drafting it, as she is your most important member of the audience.


  • Practise - Practise makes perfect. If you have stage fright or want to make sure the speech flows correctly out loud, practise in the mirror, to a webcam, or to other friends and family, and ask them for feedback.


  •  Use Cue Cards - It’s not a good idea to have the whole speech down on paper and then to simply read it during the big moment with your head buried in notes. You need to be able to memorize the meat of the speech, so the guests can see your face, and jokes and personal stories have the full effect. If you do need reminders of what to say next, use cue cards with hints to keep you on track.


  • Slow and Clear - Deliver your speech loud and clearly but do so in a friendly tone, as if you were relaying similar stories to friends . Look around the room and smile. Talk to the guests not at them.


  • Short and Sweet - This isn’t a Broadway performance or a business sales pitch, a maid of honor speech only needs to be five minutes long at the very most (2 to 3 minutes is ideal). After all, guests have other important things to do like drinking more wine and embarrassing wedding dancing.


  • End by looking to the Future - To close out your speech wish the happy couple luck in the future – or better yet – tell them directly that you know they’ll have a wonderful life together.  Ask the guests to raise their glasses in a toast to the bride and groom.


  • The most important point of all is don’t over think it. At the end of the day this is your friend, sister or other family member – you know them – and they don’t want you to panic. Weddings are about having fun. GOOD LUCK!

Maid of Honor Speech Example 2

Maid of Honor Speech Example

Below is a maid of honor example speech, demonstrating what it may look like if the maid is the best friend of the bride. Remember this is just a simple guide to help you write your own speech, and shouldn’t be copied word for word. If you have been asked to be the maid of honor you will have your own personal anecdotes and stories to tell.

Speeches are usually only 2 or 3 minutes long, including a couple of jokes and sentimental stories about the bride and groom.

The Speech

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Hi everybody my name’s Megan and I’m the bride’s best friend and maid of honor. Before I start I’d just like to say how stunning Alicia looks and how smart Tom looks. They both scrub up well!

I’ve known Alicia since our first day of school. We were both the loudest in our class, and together the teachers would call us the terrible two because we were always getting in to trouble. Boys and future husbands were the last things on our minds back then, in fact there was more than one occasion where we out muscled a poor boy and sent him crying to the lunch attendant. It’s not our fault he wouldn’t hand over his chocolate biscuit!

Fortunately I became the biscuit stealing tom boy and Alicia became the stunner. Stunned is perhaps the best word to describe Tom when he first met her. We were talking at a party and when she came over he was flabbergasted.

Truth be told she too was soon besotted and I’ve been lucky to witness their love grow over the years. From drunken teenage gatherings and innocent dates, to holidaying abroad and buying a home together.

I knew Tom loved her before she did, because he told me and he was too scared to tell her. In a round about way I told him that she loved him too and encouraged him, so if you think about it, this whole shindig is because of me… I’ll accept the thanks later.

Something changed after their holiday to Greece and it wasn’t just Tom’s pale white skin or the healthiness of his liver. I knew that wedding bells were soon around the corner and I couldn’t be happier when they broke the big news.

Alicia is a loving and caring person and has always been there when I needed her most. I am proud to call her my best friend.

For over twenty years we’ve been the terrible two, and not much has changed since our school days. We’re still both the loudest in the room as you may have noticed, and if you wrong us, we’ll definitely make you cry, as some of you may soon notice!

But it’s time for me to step aside as there’s now a new terrible two – Alicia and Tom.

I’d like everybody to raise their glass and join with me in toasting the happy couple. To Alicia and Tom!

Maid of honor speeches Example 1

maid of honor speeches Example## 1

The following is an example of what a basic maid of honor speech might look like if the bride is your sister. This is just a guide to give you inspiration, and it is important that you don’t copy it word for word, as you will have your own jokes and personal stories to share with wedding guests.

The best maid of honour speeches are short (2 to 3 minutes long) with a combination of funny and sentimental stories. In the following example the maid of honor is the older sister of the bride.

The Speech

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Hello everyone, for those that don’t know me I’m Rachel, the bride’s older sister and I’d like to say a few words as the maid of honor.

Although I coldly asked my mother when she was going back, the day they came home from the hospital after she was born, we soon became inseparable, as sisters and as best friends. We share everything with each other, through the hard times and the good.

When I was 7 and Sandra was 4, we used to make our dolls get married, I was always the bride and she would always control the groom. I’d tell her all the wonderful things that would happen on my wedding day, that I would have a giant cake and a prince charming. Turns out the cheeky so and so beat me to it!

That being said, in truth I couldn’t be more overjoyed that she’s tied the knot. My sister is the most loving and caring person I know and she truly deserves this wonderful day.

When she met Mark I knew he was the one, as she never stopped talking about him. When he first arranged to take her on a date, panic soon set in. What to wear? What to say? What food to order? I assured her everything would be ok, and she came back smiling from ear to ear. Mark treated her like a princess and she hasn’t stopped smiling ever since.

I will warn you though Mark, there is a dark side that you may have yet to experience. That sweet and innocent girl will soon turn in to a monster if you dare to crease up her freshly made bed, or move her towels around in the bathroom. You’ll know which ones they are as I bought them as a wedding gift. They say “Sandra’s” on them.

In closing, there couldn’t be two more suited people in all of the world. They have the same sense of humor, they share the same hobbies, and they are both great with each other’s families.

I don’t need to wish you both luck because I know you’ll both be very happy in your future together, and I’m honored to have been able to watch your love blossom.

Please everybody raise your glasses and let’s toast the bride and groom. To Sandra and Mark, the happy couple!